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Version History

Version 3.2.3
Jun 20, 2013

- Crash fix for non-retina devices
- Various other bug fixes

Version 3.2.2
Jun 06, 2013

- Crash bug for some minos fixed, update required

Version 3.2.1
Jun 04, 2013

- MinoMonsters now looks great on the iPhone 5
- Lots of new Minos and evolutions!
- General bug fixes

Version 3.2
Apr 11, 2013

Fixes and changes:
★ Battle in the MULTIPLAYER pvp arenas
★ Level cap raised to 40

Version 3.1.2
Feb 20, 2013

Fixes and changes:
★ Legendary Battles are now easier
★ Legendary stones are easier to get
★ Mega Rares easier to level up
★ Bug Fixes

Version 3.1.1
Jan 22, 2013

Discover the Legendary Earth Guardian by collecting rare fossils on earth island!

Fixes and changes:
★ Legendary Stones are no longer consumed when you battled the Legendary monster they are associated with.
★ Monster energy is no longer lost when entering a battle.
★ You can now battle any friend you choose in the friend tier by tapping the "All Friends" button.

Version 3.1.0
Dec 18, 2012

★ You can now fight your friends in the new battle arena!
★ Build your Grubling statue to increase your team power!
★ Elite monsters appear everywhere!
★ Bugfixes

<3 The Mino Monsters

Version 3.0.1
Nov 02, 2012

* Fixed minocredit reward on Earth and Fire bosses.
* Fixed crashes.
* Adjusted the contents of the rare monster crates.

Version 3.0
Oct 24, 2012

★ New ways to catch and power up your monsters
★ Discover rare new LEGENDARY monsters
★ New storyline
★ Overall polish and store revamp

Thanks for playing MinoMonsters! We've got more fun updates on their way.

Version 2.1.4
Sep 22, 2012

★ Bug fixes

Version 2.1.3
Sep 19, 2012

What's New
★ Bug fixes for iOS 6

Version 2.1.2
Sep 12, 2012

★ The Dunes are now unlocked
★ 2 new monsters
★ Performance and bug fixes

Thanks for playing! More exciting updates coming soon.

Team Mino

Version 2.1.1
Jul 27, 2012

What's New in Version 2.1.1
★ New monster
★ New home screen
★ Adding friends bug fixed

Thanks for playing! Get ready for big exciting updates coming soon.

Version 2.1.0
Jul 09, 2012

New location: Fire island!
New monsters!

Version 2.0
Jun 21, 2012

MinoMonsters 2.0 is here! The team has been working hard over the past few months to deliver this incredible new update. - Monsters can now evolve at level 30
- Connect with friends to unlock rare new monsters
- New battle power ups
- New boss encounters
- New Minos and Grublings
- A brand new way to adventure and explore the world of MinoMonsters
- Defeat boss grublings for MinoCredits and chances at rare monsters!
- Improved performance and bugfixes

Thanks for playing!

Version 1.1.6
Apr 19, 2012

- New Monsters
- New Grublings
- Find out what the Grublings are up to in the Tranquil Forest.

Version 1.1.5
Apr 05, 2012

* Bug Fixes

Version 1.1.1
Mar 14, 2012

This new update includes:

* Even more new monsters to discover!
* New and improved goal system
* New Secret Areas to Explore
* Grubling Prairie
* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.0
Feb 23, 2012

This is the huge update you've all been waiting for. Thank you for all your support!

* New locations to explore! Unlock and explore the new Earth Island.
* Lots of new minos to discover and capture!
* Introducing perks: with a new caring system to tend to your monsters' needs, you can improve your minos with new abilities.
* Defend: You can now defend against enemy attacks if you are quick enough.
* Find more candy through the daily crates game.
* bug fixes

Version 1.0.2
Dec 17, 2011

* Minor updates and bug fixes

Version 1.0.1
Dec 12, 2011

Fix for crashes
Bug and performances fixes

Version 1.0
Dec 05, 2011


New Poll 2012.12.25

This week's poll featured the question: "Would you rather see new Minos or evolutions?" 59 people answered this weeks poll. Results are shown below.

Would you rather see new Minos or evolutions?
New Minos - 3 votes (5%)
New evolutions - 21 votes (36%)
A mix of both - 35 votes (59%)

The most popular answers was 'A mix of both.' Most fans prefer to see a combination of new Minos and new evolutions, althought more people would prefer new evolutions over new Minos. MinoMonsters, Inc. will consider this poll and hopefully we will see some new evolutions soon! If you have any ideas on upcoming polls, please contact us at tavisource@gmail.com.!

Don't forget to vote on this week's poll! You can always view past polls by clicking the link under the poll box. Stay in tune for more updates!

Happy Holidays! 2012.12.24

Greetings, MinoFans! Hope you are all having fun with the Friend Tier. I know many of you have been wanting to delete certain friends on your friend list. This feature will soon be available! Also, the next new update will fix many bugs including the missing energies glitch. So stay tuned and get the most current news and updates!

Happy Holidays from MinoSource!

New Poll 2012.12.18

This week's poll featured the question: "Which Starter is your favourite?" 55 people answered this weeks poll. Results are shown below.

Which Starter Mino is your favourite?
Crocoling - 29 votes (53%)
Blazel - 16 votes (29%)
Grunt - 10 votes (18%)

This poll accurately reflected the one MinoMonsters, Inc posted on their Facebook page. Crocoling is the most popular out of the three starters! Don't hesitate to share your answer! If you have any ideas on upcoming polls, please contact us at tavisource@gmail.com.

Also, there is a small update about the Arena Island. For those who are upset that a Facebook account is needed for the Friend Tier, you'll be excited to know that every tier after the Friend Tier will not require an account. These tiers will be available soon!

Don't forget to vote on this week's poll! You can always view past polls by clicking the link under the poll box. Stay in tune for more updates!

New Update 2012.12.18

Today, a new update is available in the App Store. This new update brings back the use of candy. However, this time, they are used to pay for battles against Facebook Friends, a new feature in this update. Although they are not live battles, the friends' Minos in their party can be battled. This is the first time the player can battle Gravel, Flare, and Crocobeast. Battles can be done on the Arena Island. It has 5 tiers: Friend, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite. Each time a battle is won, the player gains one trophy, increasing their rank amongst their pool of friends.

Along with battling, each player can build Grubling Statues. Statue items can be won from random battles and can be bought from the Statue Chest to dress the statue in order to boost the stats of the player's Minos during battle. There are 4 types of Statue Items: Bases, Hats, Weapons, and Shields. Click here to read more about the Arena and the new features that come with it!

Also, there have been a small change where Guardian's Soft Level have been raised to 50, but hard level remains at 35. Every Mino can now reach level 35 again without MinoCredits.

New Poll 2012.12.11

This week's poll featured the question: "What MinoMonsters versions have you played?" 38 people answered this weeks poll. Results are shown below.

What MinoMonsters versions have you played?
Version 1 - 1 vote (3%)
Version 2 - 0 votes (0%)
Version 3 - 5 votes (13%)
Versions 1 and 2- 2 votes (5%)
Versions 1 and 3 - 13 votes (34%)
Versions 2 and 3 - 0 votes (0%)
All versions - 15 votes (39%)
I don't play MinoMonsters - 2 votes (5%)
All versions - 15 votes (39%)

It seems like there are a lot of MinoMonsters fans out there who have played all the versions! Only 2 of the people who voted played version 2. For the other 2 people who don't play MinoMonsters, we invite you to join our community and play this great adventure game with us! Only half the people who voted 2 weeks ago, voted this week. Don't hesitate to share your answer! If you have any ideas on upcoming polls, please contact us at tavisource@gmail.com.

This week's poll question is: "Which Starter Mino is your favourite?" Cast your vote today! You can always view past polls by clicking the link under the poll box. Stay in tune for more updates, Mino fans!

New Poll 2012.12.04

This week's poll has been concluded. The poll question was: "What is your favorite Mega Rare Mino?" We had 56 votes in total. During the first few days, there was a coding error that caused all of Dingo's votes to be put onto Bofalo instead. However, surprisingly enough, Dingo still came on top and won this weeks poll. It was a close one with Lanstorm, Ersa, Bofalo, and Dingo tied at 10 votes. However, early this morning, there was 1 vote casted that brought Dingo forth. The results are as follows:

What is your favorite Mega Rare Mino?
Lanstorm - 10 votes (18%)
Infernam - 5 votes (9%)
Wix - 6 votes (11%)
Spritz - 4 votes (7%)
Ersa - 10 votes (18%)
Bofalo - 10 votes (18%)
Dingo - 11 votes (20%)

Dingo is a Fire-type Mino that can be found in the Forest of Mystery Island, which can be unlocked when the player buys the Pro Pack for $0.99, which also includes 20 MinoCredits. Read more >>

This week's poll question will be "What MinoMonsters versions have you played?" Please share your answer and the results will be posted a week from now.

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